Olympia Boost

Olympia Boost


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Olympia Boost

 Shimano Ultegra

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Boost causes the prestigious Olympia brand to take a further leap to the top. Ideal for very demanding race bikers looking for a reactive, light, aerodynamic and extra-strong frame. It sports a Toray T23/T30/T36/T42 carbon fiber monocoque frame, made thanks to the super-innovative HPMS technology (HIGH PRESSURE MODULAR SYSTEM). HPMS allows using the core inflatable inside the mould at pressures of approx. 100 psi, so as to compress the fibers in an absolutely uniform way. At the same time, high pressure causes the glue in excess to be expelled. The structure is thus stronger, with improved mechanical characteristics. Boost reminds the shapes of a TT bike, but without stressing on the exacerbation typical of those frames. In Boost, all cables disappear inside the frame. Its down tube accommodates a special box designed to contain the battery of the Di2 electronic gear changer. The bottom bracket adjusts to all types of Press Fit. The head tube is tapered and rests on a dedicated carbon monocoque fork, exclusive of Olympia. Finally, note the exclusive Monolink seat post by Olympia. 

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